Powerful Leadership Skills - the book

10 Ways to more Powerful Leadership

Become a catalyst for positive leadership!

Tips and Insights from Business Coaches.

Everyone talks about leadership—in our businesses, our politics, our communities—but how do we learn the skills that make us more effective, more vibrant, and more authentic leaders? This book reveals how, by increasing your powers of ingenuity, intuition, and awareness, you can become a catalyst for positive leadership in your life and in your workplace. 

These simple, thought-provoking ideas and stories including a chapter on Executive Coaching by CHIC Coach Gary Edwards,  will help you develop a personal philosophy of excellence in any leadership role you embrace.   In addition to tips and explanations, there are chapters with personal stories of how the authors or their clients learned how to simplify and expand the way they lead.

A Guide to Getting It: Powerful Leadership Skills is available for $14.95 plus shipping.

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