Leadership Article

Balance by Gary Edwards
You have probably seen an increasing number of references to the importance of life balance regarding the work place. The competition for finding qualified workers in some sectors and the increasing emphasis being placed on retaining good people are causing organizations to give more attention to quality of life issues -- and the importance of life balance as factors in quality of work life. Consequently some organizations are providing fringe benefits or access to services on work sites that make this more achievable.

This is good, but what I have learned by the lumps on my head is that balance is an inside quality, not an outside quality. In other words, the criteria for me being in balance is driven more by my internal compass than by a formula for time management or an equal number of hours of work and hours of play, etc. Checking in on my values and how I am living them, staying consistent with my overall life purpose and being in reasonable authority over your own life are essential. Additional fringe benefits and time management can help make our life more manageable, but doing the inside work is essential to checking in with where you are and whether you are achieving meaningful balance in your life and work.