Leadership Article

Baby Steps Vs. All or Nothing by Gary Edwards
How often do you go about things like you are “killing rats”? Going off in 60 directions at once at 1000 miles per hour? Now when it comes to rats or other vermin that may be appropriate, but the rest of our life doesn’t always respond to that approach. Some things are on development time, not chronological time. They need to happen in their own time rather than on our set, predetermined schedule.

Recently I heard someone use the expression “just take some baby steps”, and suddenly the light turned on. Yes, that’s right, I don’t have to do it all at once, I can break this down, look for a start, get a handhold. What has worked before? Where am I acting compulsively instead of thoughtfully? What part of this can I design? What constitutes a beginning, an initial doable action? Where or how can I spark my enthusiasm for this?

Taking action puts me in the solution, and causes other things to happen in the universe that contribute further to the solution. “Act as if” as they say, and you will be showing up for you, voting with your feet. Sometimes my job is to suit up, show up, and shut up and take a baby step.