Leadership Article

Alignment by Gary Edwards
Alignment -- The act of aligning or staying aligned; esp., the proper positioning or state of adjustment of parts in relation to each other.

When something of a mechanical nature is out of alignment it usually results in a vibration, unusual wear and tear mechanically, or some other physical manifestation. When a work group or team is out of alignment the results can be very much the same, but the cause and effect is much more subtle. And getting a correction is usually much more challenging than having the front end aligned on your car.

If members of a group or team have individual agendas or simply lack a common vision or intent, then achieving the expected outcomes becomes much more difficult. Getting the team to gain ownership and understanding is just as important as having a plan or objectives written down. Dialogue and buy-in by the group initially and on an ongoing basis can be viewed as comparable to the front-end alignment on your auto ... or else watch out for the vibration and worse.